An Explosion of Miracles! Chipata, Zambia

Dear Mission Partners,

Before the crusade in Chipata, Zambia, began, Evangelists Robert Enge and Randy Roberts heard reports from the crusade organizers (Evangelists Emmanuel and Debora Cohen) about the incredible unity and cooperation amongst the churches there. This would be the very first Gospel Crusade ever held in Chipata, a rural town in eastern Zambia, and the anticipation was sky-high.

Evangelists Robert Enge and Randy Roberts preached in Chipata, joined by Evangelist Kolenda on the fourth night.

Evangelist and Crusade Director Deborah Cohen shared:

“There were many hurdles to overcome in Chipata. On the first night, Evangelist Randy Roberts held a special pre-service healing time. Before the crusade began, he built faith and expectation and shared a small message on healing. It was great – but then our generator went out. And then our backup generator quit! All the sound and lights went out immediately around the field. Any normal evangelist might have been fazed but it didn’t stop Evangelist Roberts. Just as he’d learned in CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp, he began to project as loud as he could without skipping a beat. Our team ran to set up a small portable speaker we use for Youth Crusades. With a tiny speaker amplifying to over 30,000 people, Randy continued to preach on healing. Then, just as he began to pray for the sick, the speaker’s battery died! The crowd was too big to hear him, so our 200-person choir began to sing. 

But NOTHING will stop what JESUS wants to do! Without hesitation, Evangelist Roberts continued to pray for the sick from the stage. People couldn’t even hear him over the choir. He continued to pray, full of faith and expectancy. You know what happened next?

Amazing miracles began breaking out!! 

Even though the crowd couldn’t hear him, testimony after testimony began coming in. By the time Evangelist Robert Enge arrived, ready to preach a Gospel message, there was a huge line of people waiting to testify that God had healed them. It was as if a supernatural fuse had been lit that night.”

Evangelist Robert Enge told us:

“It is the honor of a lifetime to be one of the guest evangelists, preaching the Gospel alongside Daniel Kolenda, but it’s equally humbling that we get to play an integral role in the vision of a Decade of Double Harvest, specifically in multiplication. While Randy Roberts and I were co-evangelists, preaching each night, we were also training two more fiery, spirit-filled evangelists.

This power couple, Emmanuel and Deborah Cohen, not only ministered alongside us, but also lived in the city of Chipata for several months as the organizers of our crusade. Both graduated from the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp and have been serving with CfaN for the past few years in Africa. The local bishops and pastors raved about their exceptional work ethic and leadership, crediting them with how the church has united in their city. They are yet another example of how the Lord is helping CfaN multiply for a Decade of Double Harvest!

On the Saturday, after Evangelist Kolenda preached the Gospel and brought multitudes to the foot of the cross, Randy prayed for the people to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord swept all across the field! That supernatural fuse had reached ignition point. I began to pray for the sick and within moments, there was an explosion of miracles! Dozens of crutches, sticks and even wheelchairs started being lifted up everywhere.”


Here are a few of the powerful highlights that took place in Chipata, Zambia!

This man had used a crutch for five years. He could not contain his joy and came on stage “walking and leaping and praising God”!

Her leg was broken in a motorcycle accident. While Evangelist Randy was praying for the sick, he had a word of knowledge that God was healing someone’s broken leg. When she heard that, she knew it was for her, and took a true step of faith. She was healed instantly and walked without support for the first time in months.

Weeks before the crusade, this man heard the adverts on the radio. He lives very far away. When he mentioned the name of the town, the crowd gasped. He had been suffering with back pain for three months. Reading about healing in Isaiah, he believed the promise was for him and drove all the way to Chipata. His faith was rewarded when Jesus took his pain away!

This woman had a lump on her left breast for over seven years. She attended on the first night, and when she woke up the next morning, the lump was gone!

These are tears of joy! Elijah was born deaf, but Jesus opened his ears. Emmanuel tested his hearing, by standing behind him without his microphone and saying, “Jesus” or “Hallelujah”. Elijah would indicate when he heard the noise in the mic. His hearing was completely healed!

The population of the district of Chipata is 327,059. Over the course of our 5-day crusade, 82,489 people received Jesus as Savior. Chipata will never be the same!

26-30 April, 2023

Chipata, Zambia

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