Ngombe, Zambia

Doctor Jesus Is Here!

Dear Mission Partners,

It was “all systems go” from the start in Ngombe, Emmanuel and Deborah were stationed together with Evangelist Michael Job for one of the eleven CfaN crusades that took place in Zambia in 2023.

The first night, we were joined by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, who taught on faith and prayed for the sick. Miracles broke out all over the crowd, including a grandma who had been blind for so many years, she couldn’t remember how long! But that was just the beginning of what the Lord would do in Ngombe during the 5-night crusade.

Deborah Cohen preached: “When you meet Jesus, your life must change! Let him who has lied, lie no more! Let him who has stolen, steal no more! Let him who has murdered, murder no more!” Thousands responded and accepted Jesus as their Savior.

After the altar call, Emmanuel taught from Mark 1:40 on the man with leprosy who asked Jesus if He was willing to heal him. Jesus replied, “I am willing! Be cleansed!” As Emmanuel spoke, faith was rising. He said, “Maybe there’s someone here tonight, you’ve been to many different doctors and specialists who couldn’t help you. But tonight is different. Tonight, Doctor Jesus is on the field! He is always willing, and always able to heal!” As he began to pray for the sick, the crowd roared “Amen!” in agreement. Miracles began breaking out as Doctor Jesus, the only doctor with no limitations, began healing diseases, pain and brokenness.

Evangelist Michael Job gave everyone an opportunity to put their witchcraft fetishes, juju, charms and demonic items in the burn barrels. Then we lit them on fire! The atmosphere at the crusade was tangibly different as Michael roared from the stage. The crowd shouted a loud “AMEN!!” every time he called out a false god and broke its power. Combined with the flames shooting into the air, it was wild – a very visual picture of strongholds being broken forever.


Here are a few of the powerful highlights that took place in the Ngombe, Zambia!

Catherine Madinga had a stroke three months previously, leaving her legs paralyzed. The crowd erupted as she walked freely on the stage, all stroke symptoms gone!

After seven years of using crutches, this grandma was so excited to show everyone how Jesus had healed her.

Angelina was smiling from ear to ear when she came on stage. She said she had walked to the crusade with the help of a walking stick. In fact, she had been unable to walk without the stick for a long time. Emmanuel asked her where the stick was now. With a huge grin, she said she’d left it where she’d been sitting. She didn’t need it anymore!

May 3-7, 2023

Ngombe, Zambia

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